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Our Richland Creek Clinic staff of trained professionals includes seven licensed veterinary doctors and five licensed mobile veterinarians. The clinic offers a full range of low-cost services, same-day surgery, and affordable treatment for whatever ails your pet. Our Pet Med Mobile vans travel from York County through the state and as far south as Aiken, offering all required vaccinations for your pets.

                                                                                                       OUR VETERINARY DOCTORS . . .
He's a Georgia farm boy who still has a taste for the rural life. When he isn't practicing veterinary medicine you might find him tending his plants, some of which are rare varieties not found in every garden. At Richland Creek Animal Clinic/PET MED mobile, you know him as "Dr. Stan," the familiar title he prefers. Some of you have known him for more than 30 years and he has treated generations of your pets.

Stan Grist was graduated from the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine in 1973 and for a short time worked in a small town in south Georgia. But there were as many vets as there were pets, so he migrated to South Carolina and set up shop in Greer and raised his family there.

In the late 1980s, he came to Greenville and established Richland Creek, first in a small office across from our present location at 707 E. Stone Avenue. He also decided to take his services into the community and PET MED mobile was born.

Weekdays you will find him overseeing the day-to day and long-term administration of the clinic. On Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons, you'll meet him at our mobile locations.

Dr. Stan Grist

At Richland Creek/PET MED, you’re not just a number. You are a great client who is owned by a very unique pet (it’s never the other way around)!

So we want to know you, and, in turn we want you to know us. Most of us work behind the scenes to care for your pet.

The staff of Richland Creek PET MED Mobile is made up of folks like you who love pets and are devoting their knowledge and efforts to better serve you.

Our staff is made up of seven doctors as well as veterinary technicians in the clinic. We offer same-day surgery and treatment at affordable costs. We also offer a variety of prescription pet foods and preventative medication for deworming, heartworm prevention, flea and tick control, and skin problems, the most common ailments found among domestic animals.

Rabies vaccinations, required by state law for all pets, are available at PET MED Mobile units in towns and cities throughout the Upstate and Midlands. Other vaccinations and pet medications also are available.

Click on the PET MED Schedule link to find a site near you or call our toll-free number, 1-800-228-6007, to hear the locations. We are out at convenient locations in communities every weekend throughout the year. Look for our PET MED signs!




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                                                                                             About The Logo
Our logo, the majestic eagle sheltering a puppy and a kitten, was the idea of Dr. Stanford Grist and executed with unique skill by his niece Alexis Serio. A university art  teacher and an accomplished artist herself, Alexis is the widow of "Dr. Stan's" late nephew, Christopher Lyon, who also was a noted artist. “Dr. Stan’s” depiction of the protective nature of veterinary medicine for small animals is his registered trademark and now is published in the Library of Congress. Always look for the “Dr. Stan” on our sign or banners when seeking quality veterinary care at a mobile unit.